Tuesday, December 18, 2007


As she lifted the warm paper cup to her lips and took a sip, a slow little smile formed on her mouth, as the flavor touched her taste buds the smile grew bigger, she sighed...life was good.

Drinking coffee was not part of my life until I graduated college and moved to gorgeous Washington State. It was then my love affair with beautiful, beautiful Starbucks began. My family and friends in the northeast cringe as I denounce their beloved Dunks, but Starbucks just puts a smile on my face. Plain and simple, Starbucks makes me smile. Frappuccinos, White Chocolate Mochas, and the beloved, seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte...I love them all. Yes it is expensive, yes I know how much it costs per gallon, but it sure is good. I love putting both hands on my warm cup and just soaking in the yum on a cold day. I love a good Carmel Frappuccino during the hot Texas summer.

Oh, you are not in to coffee, no worries, Starbucks offers non-coffee Frappuccinos. Their Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino is Olivia's favorite (thanks Dunkle Scott), it tastes like a frozen hot chocolate and is very great. Also, the Carmel Apple Spice is a wonderful holiday favorite.

Word to the wise, please don't burst my bubble with tales of how many calories and fat grams are in each cup, I might tell you to quiet down. I want to be ignorant. :)

Off to go get my grande, decaf, nonfat, extra hot, white chocolate mocha WITH whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Any readers out there have a guilty pleasure they like to splurge on?

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nellidar said...

My three year old loves a child's hot chocolate from Starbucks. I think it is so cute how she wraps her little hands around the cup and sips the hot chocolate and gets excited about the whip cream..."ooh this is soooo good!" I just cannot understand how she gets the hot chocolate mustache sipping from the little opening :)