Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Night Chore Cards

If your children are anything like mine or my friends children, at times they give you difficulty when you tell them it is time for bed. The ancient stalling tactic. These same tactics have been used forever by children all over the world. Amazing isn't it. Olivia has had some nights where she pulled out all the stops, "I'm hungry" followed quickly by" Mommy, I need another animal." Then there is the classic ""I'm thirsty." The one that is always the winner in our house is "I've got to go potty." Who wants their child to wet the bed, even if it is their 10th time to the potty? I have to say when we are having a night like this I can get annoyed. There might not be a solution to this problem completely, but the Good Night Chore Cards from One Step Ahead might help.

My husband and I have made it a nightly habit to clean up the kitchen and living room so we can start fresh each day. We tend to forget to have the kids help us clean up. I think it is important to learn they need to help in the clean up process. These cards would also help remind us to have the kiddos help clean up at least some of the toys to instill this process in them at a young age.

The cool feature about these cards is the ability to turn them over and for your child to get a sense of accomplishment. There is even a blank card for you to add your own chore to the group. I wish they had thought to include more blank cards though. Also, for you mom's of boys they have blue cards as well.

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