Thursday, December 27, 2007

Smoke detectors don't work??

I had a very scary realization a few days ago when I got a news story forwarded to me. They discovered that most, if not all, children will sleep through a smoke detector and never know anything was amiss.

My first realization was that my son is a heavy sleeper and would undoubtedly sleep right through the alarm. Why my common sense had not yet told me this is a mystery.

My second realization was that smoke and heat rises. Because our room is on the ground floor and our children's rooms are on the second floor, it is even more important for us to have a good escape plan in place - and fire alarms that wake our children.

Watch this to get the full story.

Fortunately, there is hope. Most children - even heavy sleepers - will respond to their parents' voices. One company, KidSmart, set out to develop smoke detectors that use a recorded loop of Mommy or Daddy yelling "Get up!" and other messages. You can visit Popular Science for more information or purchase a Signal One Vocal Smoke Alarm on various websites. Not a pleasant topic, but keeping my children safe is my job. That makes this product one of mommy's favorite things. Worth a look.

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