Sunday, December 16, 2007

A New Apron

As a general rule I feel that men should NEVER buy their wife anything such a blender, vacuum or whisk for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and the like. This year I actually asked Alex to get me one such similar item for Christmas.

The Flirty Everyday Housewife Apron by Momo's Retro Fashions is super cute. I am constantly spilling stuff on myself when I cook and an apron would help. I tried to prevent the spills, by wearing Olivia's apron. Let me tell you it is a sad state when you have to wear your 4 year old's small little apron...and it is not very cute at all. Basically, I just look foolish, although I am sure it gives my husband a good laugh. If I must cook, I sure would like to look fashionable and sassy. The aprons are inspired by a 1950's pattern and the fabrics are great. I also think it is great the gal that makes them models the finished product on her site so you can get a feel for how it will fit.

I really hope Alex comes through or I may just have to buy myself one.

Edit: The gal modeling the aprons is the maker's daughter. :)

Edited after Christmas: What a great husband I have, he came through with the very apron featured in the blog. Thanks babe.

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Sarah said...

Those aprons are super cute. I have to say, if I need to be cooking or cleaning my kitchen, I prefer to have my cute apron on. It's made of canvas so it can handle lots of things. I could use a couple more, but will most likely end up getting them myself. Hope he comes through!