Saturday, December 15, 2007


You can tell the state of my life by my toes. I know it sounds crazy. Regardless of the season I like my toes to be painted. It just makes me happy. If you see me and my polish looks chipped you can know it is driving me crazy because I don't have the time to polish them. If you see me with no polish on my toes at all, it is almost as if you have caught me with my pants down. If I have no polish on my toes, you might want to say a prayer for me because my life must be REALLY crazy and I might be practically insane. :)

My favorite nail polish is OPI. It is a splurge purchase...funny I consider a$5 purchase to be a splurge purchase, but regardless it is my favorite. It is the little things in life...right? It goes on smooth and lasts a very long time. They come out with new colors for different seasons so your toes can match the typical colors of the seasons. Love it.

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