Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crawler Covers

Winter and cold weather is almost upon us in central Texas (yes, it has been pretty warm here). I really love baby/child leg warmers. They are adorable. They are also very practical as they fit the whole leg on babies, and can be used as knee highs as your child gets bigger. There are a bunch of Etsy stores that sell them, but I really like Crawler Covers & More. They are reasonably priced and currently offering free shipping for the holidays. They have a ton of patterns to choose from.

Benefits of Crawler Covers from their website:

*Are great for potty training
*Make diaper changes easier
*Protect baby's knees when crawling
*Perfect for dance or gymnastics classes
*Keep legs warm year round (great for air conditioned houses!)
*Are so cute and fashionable!!

They also can provide and extra layer of warmth when playing in the snow and can even be worn on the arms. Did I mention they were adorable?

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