Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby Time

I usually have good intentions when I start something, at times I flake. Then I feel guilty. I have a friend who has a pregnancy journal and writes in it religiously during her pregnancy. She is also very organized and keeps her baby book up to date, and records all the milestones of her child. Yes, she is amazing. As wonderful and as cool as I think her pregnancy journal is, I know I won't ever be that organized.

I had good intentions with my first child to keep up with her baby book...I failed miserably. I know many of you can relate. My grandmother sent me "Baby Time" just before my second daughter was born. It is a very fast and VERY forgiving baby book. I write it in when I have time, really when I remember. I jot things down on the calendar if I don't have time to write in the book, and when I do have a second to make an entry, I write down the important milestones from my calendar as well. I have found this book very simple and guilt free.

My favorite part about this baby book is that instead of the traditional blank pages to fill out, there are boxes to check, ages to circle, a place to write the mini-milestones, things your baby likes and dislikes, and a non-intimidating area for notes all on each page. Each entry can take less then 5 minutes. If you want a guilt free baby book, I recommend Baby Time.

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