Saturday, December 1, 2007

Daddy Dolls, Inc.

Daddy Dolls, Inc. was started by two military wives who created these great dolls while their husbands' were on deployment. I love the idea of these dolls. I can't imagine what the wives, children, and loved ones of our military go through when their husbands, fathers, and children get sent off to war. My heart goes out to them. You may or may not agree with war, but we are all blessed by their sacrifice. I have the utmost respect for these men and women, and their families.

Daddy Dolls sells pillow-type Hug-A-Hero dolls, pillow cases, and dog tags with the picture of your loved-one on the fabric. They also have voice recorders to record the voice of your hero.

You can also donate towards products for military families who may not be able to afford them here.

Praying for you Jared, Deanie and Chase.

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