Monday, November 26, 2007

Give A Goat...

...or a cow, or a fish pond, or some blankets, or some food, or help someone to read and write.

Samaritan's Purse is an amazing ministry. They offer food, medicine, financial help with heart operations, community development, shoebox Christmas gifts to children, emergency relief and various other programs to hundreds of countries.

One of their ministries is a Christmas gift catalog. They have a number of things you can purchase for other families in need. I love to look through the magazine every year with my oldest child and find something our family can give. This year she is
even old enough to do some household chores to earn money and contribute to something for another family. There are many things you can give towards, but we are going to give the gift of a goat this year. It not only provides a family with fresh milk for themselves, but also added income as they can sell the cheese and milk to others. It is a tangible way my family can help another family. Sometimes in the holiday rush I can forget what the season is about...this is a way we can remember.

Christmas Catalog

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