Friday, November 30, 2007

Advent Calendar

As a child, my family often had an advent calendar. I love this one from Land of Nod.

Or for those with more of a sweet tooth:

Also, from Land of Nod,the Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament set. I really like the idea of hanging one each night then choosing a different tradition to go along with the hanging of each ornamnet. Each night you could drink hot chocolate, sing some Christmas songs, read the Christmas story in the Bible, bake some cookies,watch a holiday movie, make holiday cards, decorate your tree or serve someone in need.

Don't worry if you haven't ordered these already. Order them with expedited shipping and just let the kids put a couple up one night. It is NEVER too late to start a tradition.


jen.martin said...

I love the idea of an advent tradition, too. We purchased a glow in the dark advent calendar for the kids that includes a reusable sticker for each day. I can't wait to put it up tomorrow! We also have a tradition of singing lullabies to baby Jesus from our nativity set at bedtime. The kids love it, although they sometimes fight over who gets to hold the baby Jesus!

Sarah said...

We usually make one out of poster board. Oddly enough I have an article on ehow about just that very thing.